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Hans Rahul Kanduth

Tikaram is a very nice, good and patient freelancer! We had a good time, and the project was finished successfully. Thank you very much! 

Sheldon Piecowye

Was very quick and provided the expected results. We enjoyed working with him and would consider trouble shooting work in the future. Thanks!

Rae-Shan Barclift

Tikaram is my go-to for jobs related to my website. He always delivers and is very trustworthy.

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If you are looking for a Custom WordPress Site / Membership site / E-commerce Site / Theme based site /Blog or  a HTML based site, then I am the Right Choice. I have more than  5 years of  experience developing websites and troubleshooting . Since I started my career as a developer, I have came across and worked with many Web Development Firms, Small Businesses, Students and individuals to grow their businesses. If you think I am the right fit for your projects please contact me by clicking the button below.